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{"1":{"id":"331","title":"Mofaya Top Up My Gig 1","type":"","tags":"","class":"","altClass":"","rel":"{\"compareTitle\":\"Mofaya Std Top Up My Gig 1\",\"compareID\":\"331\",\"compareType\":\"tariffs\",\"compareImage\":\"inc\\\/image.php?id=331&type=tariffs\"}","url":"Mofaya__Top_Up_My_Gig_1\/331\/&ref=browse\/broadband","features":{"subscription":"75","minutes":null,"sms":0,"data":"1","monthlyFee":"R 75.00 pm"}},"2":{"id":"333","title":"Mofaya Top Up My Gig 2","type":"","tags":"","class":"","altClass":"altCell","rel":"{\"compareTitle\":\"Mofaya Std Top Up My Gig 2\",\"compareID\":\"333\",\"compareType\":\"tariffs\",\"compareImage\":\"inc\\\/image.php?id=333&type=tariffs\"}","url":"Mofaya__Top_Up_My_Gig_2\/333\/&ref=browse\/broadband","features":{"subscription":"109","minutes":null,"sms":0,"data":"2","monthlyFee":"R 109.00 pm"}},"3":{"id":"335","title":"Mofaya Top Up My Gig 3","type":"","tags":"","class":"","altClass":"","rel":"{\"compareTitle\":\"Mofaya Std Top Up My Gig 3\",\"compareID\":\"335\",\"compareType\":\"tariffs\",\"compareImage\":\"inc\\\/image.php?id=335&type=tariffs\"}","url":"Mofaya__Top_Up_My_Gig_3\/335\/&ref=browse\/broadband","features":{"subscription":"169","minutes":null,"sms":0,"data":"3","monthlyFee":"R 169.00 pm"}},"4":{"id":"336","title":"Mofaya Top Up My Gig 5","type":"","tags":"","class":"","altClass":"altCell","rel":"{\"compareTitle\":\"Mofaya Std Top Up My Gig 5\",\"compareID\":\"336\",\"compareType\":\"tariffs\",\"compareImage\":\"inc\\\/image.php?id=336&type=tariffs\"}","url":"Mofaya__Top_Up_My_Gig_5\/336\/&ref=browse\/broadband","features":{"subscription":"259","minutes":null,"sms":0,"data":"5","monthlyFee":"R 259.00 pm"}},"5":{"id":"373","title":"Mofaya Top Up My Gig 10","type":"","tags":"","class":"","altClass":"","rel":"{\"compareTitle\":\"Mofaya Std Top Up My Gig 10\",\"compareID\":\"373\",\"compareType\":\"tariffs\",\"compareImage\":\"inc\\\/image.php?id=373&type=tariffs\"}","url":"Mofaya__Top_Up_My_Gig_10\/373\/&ref=browse\/broadband","features":{"subscription":"499","minutes":null,"sms":0,"data":"10","monthlyFee":"R 499.00 pm"}}}

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